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Device AVIZ-01
AVIZ - 01 “The device for vision restoration and research " is recommended for utilizationin medical practice by the Committee on New Medical Technology of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the Government Commission on Apparatus, Devices and Instruments for Ophthalmology Application (Committee meeting minutes of 10 February 1994, № 1). The device received the approval for utilization and in 1996 and was entered to the Register of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of the Russian Federation. The design of the device got Russian Patent № 1792319.
The treatment with usage of AVIZ-01 method does not require any physical contact.It is based on an adaptive training in conditions of physiological doubling and merge of double images without a divider of the vision fields.
The method allows out-patient treatment approach.
"AVIZ - 01 " has a significant advantage over the existing methods of treatment of various conditions of squint. the technology of binocular vision correction is close to natural conditions . a patient is trained to use the acquired skills of world perception . The method allows to effect visual system individually with account of the patient’s specifics, tuning the treatment effect much better compared with other world known devices of this kind.
The AVIZ - 01 is simple to handle and completely mechanical (does not use electric power).
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