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V i s i o n   C e n t e r   f o r   C h i l d r e n   a n d   Y o u t h s

We use the original method of vision correction
developed by the founder of the center

Diplopia (Double Vision),
Some forms of Nystagmus.
The evaluation and treatment provided by experienced pediatric ophthalmologists with the highest degree of specialized training in the field.

We conduct ophthalmologic examination of children from 1 to 18 for early detection of eye pathologies.

We'll teach you to see with both eyes and to maintain good eyesight.
 Our address:    
129164 Moscow, Yaroslavskaya str., 8/6, office 303-305
for appointment by phone:   +7 916 412 29 72    E-mail : binarimetr-ir@bk.ru
''PERCEPTİON'' Vision Research and Correction Center
License №17330/8789, series MDKZ, The center was established in 1999
The center is staffed by highly qualified pediatric ophthalmologists lead by
Professor Igor E. Rabichev, PhD, the author of the vision correction method, academician,
member of the International Academy of sciences.
Our methods of visual correction are developed as a complex system of eye exercises created to manage the mechanisms of binocular vision.
The original approach to correction of binocular vision is based on the general theory of functional systems of academician P.K.Anohin (1968),

The theory of diploptic by professor E.S.Avetisov (1980),

The theory of system organization of mechanisms of binocular vision by I.E.Rabichev (1998, 1999),
and theory and research in the field of vision of leading scientists of Russia, France and other countries.

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