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Results; Success stories

Currently 16 years old female.
The treatment period - from July 2001 to August 2005
The plan of treatment: Preoperational preparation, Operation, Postoperational treatment - establishment of normal binocular vision. Visual acuity of 100%, stereovision is normal. The control examination was in 2006, all results were preserved.

The third photo captured in year 2010 summer, Polina's vision is perfectly normal.


The Boy patient name is Vanya.
First image his first birthday in 1999, second image captured in 2000, Vanja 2,5 years old.
Vanya had a surgery in 2003 the third image captured in 2005

The last image from Vanya, January 2011 right after the treatment with liquid cyristal glasses.


Currently 13 years old male.
The treatment period - from 2002 until the present time. Amblyopia of the left eye - of high degree, visual acuity - 0,01, operation was not performed. The squint angle was eliminated, visual acuity of the left eye - 0,3. The control examination was in 2006, all results were preserved.

The treatment results depend on the disorder complexity and the patient’s desire to succeed, as well as on the parents’ cooperation. Statistics of success or failure is not always applicable. The most complicated cases of squint may be cured, whereas some simple cases may not be corrected due to the patient’s unwillingness to participate actively in the process of visual functions correction and to perform home tasks regularly.


When surgical interventions are deemed necessary our patients receive their care from the leading institutions of Moscow: Helmholtz Moscow Research Institute of Eye Diseases; Moscow Regional Research Clinical Institute named after M.F.Vladimirsky, Morozov Children’s City Hospital, Eye Diseases Department of Pediatric Faculty of the Russian State Medical University.

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