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About us...
Vision Research and Correction Center

license №17330/8789, series MDKZ,
Founded in 1999.

The Center staffeds;

Professor Igor Rabichev, Ph.D.,o,
and other highly skilled an d experienced ophthalmologists.

We conduct joint research projects with a group of leading scientists, ophthalmologists, strobologists, neuroopthalmologists, from France:
Drs E.Mawas And L.-J.,
A. Franceschetti,
and Mr. Vital-Durand D.E.P.H.E. (ophthalmologists-strobologists), et Mlle Halet Chantal orthoptiste, Mr.Leplat opticien et Mr.A.Estarellas , concepteur graphique.

Preliminary distance diagnostics of squint
Supported by group of researchers we conduct preliminary distance diagnostics of children aged from 3 months to 2,5 working with 3-5 face photos with squint . we write recommendations and send them recommendations by e-mail.

For the details of pre diagnostic measures and how to take photos please refer to http://ph-ord.net 

Questions you may send via

E-mail to: binarimetr-ir@bk.ru

+7 916 412 29 72

The method of early diagnostics of squint using photos is certified with;
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